Our Services:

Humane education and training for you and your dog.

and Behaviour Consultation


Private In-Home Training

This is offered as an alternative or extra to group classes and covers training foundation skills and manners ("obedience"). Sessions are 1 hour and are done in your home or mutual prearranged meeting space. The number of sessions needed depends on what your specific goals are for your dog. Generally, starting with 3-4 weekly sessions can be expected. After that time, we can re-assess where you and your dog are in accordance to achieving your goals. We are willing to work with your schedule, and what you are looking to achieve. Sessions will include teaching your dog foundation skills - everything from manners,

loose leash walking, proper socialization, and even tricks! The options are endless!

Price: $90/hour

In advance: $350 for a package of 4 sessions ​(Must be used within 6 weeks)

*Gift certificates available

*Travel expenses may apply outside Edmonton

Puppy Package

Have a new puppy? Custom puppy package available!

Includes one 2 hour session and three subsequent 1 hour sessions. Sessions must be used within 6 weeks.

With the puppy package you will receive a clicker, information  package, videos, and one-on-one instruction on socialization

and training.

Puppies must be under 6 months of age to qualify for this  package

(otherwise prices are noted above)

Price: $350 *Travel expenses may apply outside of Edmonton

Behaviour Consultations

This includes cases of aggression, separation or

other types of anxiety or fear related issues,

Canine Compulsive Disorder (obsessive, repetitive

behaviours), resource guarding and leash reactivity.

Initial Consult: $250 (90 min - 2 hours)

Subsequent sessions: $90/hour (can range from

one or two follow-ups, to several subsequent


*Travel expenses may apply outside Edmonton

Educational Seminars

Seminars offered:

- Puppy Foundations

- Behaviour Basics

- Canine Body Language

- Canine Welfare

Please inquire about prices